Duijnborgh Audit partner NEN 7510 organization

Den Haag, November 1, 2009 – As from November 1th, Duijnborgh Audit is Partner of the Research Center NEN 7510. With this partnership Duijnborgh emphasize its role as leading party dealing with issues related standardization, the ISO 7510 and ISO 27001.


The Research Center NEN7510 is under the authority of the Dutch Standardization Institute (NEN) and provide explanations of care, support and tools. The main admission criteria for new partners of the Research Center NEN 7510 are:

– The partner is a reputable party dealing with several standards related topics. Preferably BS 7510 or    ISO 27001.
– Has extensive experience working with or implementing standards.

As an independent audit and consulting firm Duijnborgh Audit meets well to the admission criteria. The operations of Duijnborgh Audit focus to healthcare among others. Customers are NICTIZ (EPD, ZSP, GBZ), Academic Hospital Maastricht, Dutch Healthcare Authority, Huisartsendienst Drenthe, St. Franciscus Hospital Rotterdam, etc.

Duijnborgh Audit performs for serevral years now, on behalf of NICTIZ, EDP audits in different parts of the electronic exchange of patient files. With an integrated approach, developed specifically for healthcare, Duijnborgh Audit helps health organizations with the implementation of the NEN7510.

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