Duijnborgh Audit offers accountants Full-Service IT-audit

Nieuwegein, November 12th, 2009 – For Financial accountants Duijnborgh Audit has developed a full-service concept IT-audit.




Nowadays ICT is a integral part of the audit work of auditors. The extent to which the process leans at the ICT-supporting environment, determines the deployment of the IT auditor. For firms that do not employ full time IT auditors Duijnborgh Audit provides a good alternative: the Full-Service IT-audit concept. Review the ICT-related risks to be assessed correctly. We can offer these services at very low, competitive rates.

Our services for accounting firms is a proper interpretation of IT audit controls for financial statements, due diligence and risk management. We can support your audit practice with data analysis using the ACL tool for example. Our organization is a member of the professional organization of EDP auditors (NOREA) which has close links with the unions of financial accountants NIVRA and NOvAA. Our auditors are certified and qualified (RE).

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