NEN-ISO 9126 audit

We assess the quality characteristics of software products. In addition we evaluate the product characteristics or process characteristics, or a combination of both, depending on the needs of the client.

Our software audits are used in different ways. By default, we use the NEN-ISO 9126 standards for the framework to establish. NEN-ISO 9126 is an international standard for evaluating the quality of software.

Overall, the client assurance that the program will do what it should do and that it will not do what it can not do.

In addition, the client know if the functions in accordance with the documentation of the product. In financial packages are also internal control requirements for the audit in question.

With the audit we also review the program code. Only with the assessment of the machine code, we can prvent that it looks like the program is working correctly, but the reality is that the program is of such poor quality that, sooner or later will lead to problems. The quality aspects that we are assessing are the maintainability (also known as: manageability) of the program and the scalability of the program.

In the diagram below, all quality aspects of the NEN-ISO 9126 are displayed (language in Dutch)