Assisting the financial auditor

More and more financial auditors are confronted with IT related issues. Sarbanes Oxlex, SAS70 and IT governance; it is difficult to envisage the audit of the financial statement without looking at IT, too. Not all audit firms can dispose of a dedicated IT audit function. Furthermore, the financial auditor often lacks the specific knowledge on IT environments. To these audit firms we provide our (IT audit) services whilst maintaining a strict division of tasks.

Our services to accounting firms include a full-service concept with which we whole-field IT Audit cover!


1. IT audits are a crucial part of the control process. Depending on the degree of (financial) processes that rely on automation, the financial auditor must decide whether he has sufficient proof data obtained by him is correct and complete.
2. Since the introduction of the WTA, the “atmosphere of permissiveness” wether IT audit is a mandatory part of the financial audit or not, is history.
3. More and more customers of finacial accountants request (or rather demand) a thorough audit of the IT environment. And when it Is not the customer, then it is one of its customers or suppliers that demands assurance on how IT processes are controlled. In the last Quarter dozens of accounancy firms (especially the smaller ones) loses customers to larger firms who do structural apply the IT audit role.
4. An IT auditor delivers his money twice over: a technology audit, the number of tests, samples and other (context) controls can significantly reduce the activities of the financial accountant.
5. Accountants that offer an integrated audit approach, including IT audit, are proven more successful than their counterparts who do not. Smaller audit firms, however, are not able to fit the IT audit in their company. IT audit is a broad field of objects, which is not easy to cover with a small IT audit department. as they say: “1 auditor is equal to no auditor”.


1. The core business of Audit Duijn Borgh BV is primarily IT audit and related activities. Our services are therefore in principle not competitive with the services of th financial auditor.
2. Our Senior auditors are registred EDP-Auditors (RE) and also we can (for international customers) provide auditors that have the CISA certification.
3. We have multiple IT auditors each having a specific expertise required. So we cover almost the entire IT field and can have an opinion on it.
4. We are very flexible: in most cases we can honor your request within a few days to fill the IT audit roll. Small “jobs” do not scare us off.. Our IT audit service is therefore within reach of all audit firms, from very small to (medium) wide.
5. And finally: Our rates are highly competitive!