Accreditation ISO/IEC 27001 Duijnborgh Certification

Utrecht, February 1, 2011 – The Accreditation Council has accredited Duijnborgh Certification for the ISO / IEC 27001.

On February 1, 2011 Mr Roelf Werkman (pictured right) of the Accreditation Council (RvA) officialy handed over the accreditation status to Mr Frank Kossen (pictured left), Managing Director of Duijnborgh Certification BV to certify Duijnborgh Certification against the ISO 27001 standard (Information Security management System).

With this Duijnborgh Certification is the fifth Certification Institute (CI) in the Netherlands that is entitled to certify organizations against the ISO/IEC 27001. With this accreditation, the Accreditation Council endorses the method and quality of certification activities implemented by Duijnborgh Certification BV. Due to the increasing demand of standardization of information from the market, organizations are looking for a party that pragmatic and focused organization the management of the organization can be certified. Many current and new customers in Duijnborgh therefore the value. Duijnborgh has been more than 7 years succesfull in IT audits and operational audit services to small and medium-sized organizations within the financial sector (ISAE3402), government and healthcare (NEN7510, GBZ, ZSP). Extension towards certification services is a logical next step which meets the market demand and the vision of Duijnborgh. Where major certification bodies often choose a foreign accreditation as UKAS has Duijnborgh Certification BV chosen the Dutch Accreditation Council because of the high quality level and the reputation of that public body within the Dutch market. Read more about the certification activities Duijnborgh on