With our pre-audits we are the link between organizations and the certifying authority. We speak your language as both the certifying auditor.
Organizations that wish to certify at certain standard, eg BS 27001 (Information Security), BS 7510/11/12 (Information in care) or BS 20000 (Service Management), we can support this service.

How does a pre-audit work?

We have specialists with extensive experience in certification programs. We can provide the following:

– we process the full certification file for formal certification Party;
– we establish the necessary formal proceeding, manuals, etc.;
– we assist in the preparation of the (interim) reports for the certification body; What are the advantages of a pre-audit?

The certification path can be completed much faster because you do not have to event it al by yourself.
– You have prepared a full certification file;
– You realize a counterweight to the certifying authority;
– You have a fixed point with short lines of communication;
– You will save considerably on costs.