Data Analysis

“Smarter way to cope with information in order to improve your business” is the common goal of Data analysis.

Nowadays we live in a world with enormous quantities of information. The amount of available data is growing day by day. Data analysis increases structure and insight by ranking and combining data into workable data files.
Duijnborgh Audit executes advanced data analyses. These analyses include linking, combining and enriching multiple existing data sources. Data analysis can support organizations with the knowledge and expertise by gaining more important information out of their current data set. Data gets more accessible and paterns will appear which were not visible in advance. Through our creative use Data analysis has become a genuine business enabler.
With our advanced data analysis tools we can discover significant patterns in large quantities of data. Based on these signals conclusions can be drawn or adjustments to the data can be made.
Relevant questions result in analyzing the data which may lead to insight and knowledge. The gained knowledge can be used for improving the manageability of the processes or, if needed, to put through adjustments. The analysis is based on standard data files (e.g. comma separated values or plain text) which are exportable for almost every (financial) system. In what terms can Duijnborgh Audit contribute to your business using Data analysis? Think about the following cases:
  • An analysis on your purchase and sales process is desirable to get insight in the way they perform. It is possible to get overviews of operating margins on article or product group. Which one is successful and which one isn’t?
  • You want a full scan of your data to get all important information. Get summaries and statistics of amounts and numbers, age distribution, language structure.
  • Both the client and the financial Auditor demand the presence of the component IT in the annual audit. Those financial systems are in scope which directly effect the financial books. The completeness of incomes can be considered as the main issue. Data analysis focuses on:
    • Journal Entry Testing (JET): a thorough analysis on all journal entries;
    • Administrative differences between the Profit and loss account and the Balance sheet
    • Reconciliation between the main financial systems
  • Exceptions reporting: if you search for imperfections in you data household, Data analysis can offer you a great solution. Think of those records with missing key information such as missing barcodes, unique identifier or other considered key information.
  • Your primary business process demands the highest possible accuracy when it comes to data quality. Data analysis can check the quality level of your data set by filtering data pollution and gaps.
  • If you desire an structured analysis on your strategic IT Policy, Data analysis is your answer. By assessing your interfaces and challenging your business rules great insights can be gained. The Data analysis will focus on end-to-end checking mechanisms, manual additional interventions, unauthorized access to confidential information, etcetera.
We are out there to help organizations improving their business with all possible expertise and synergy.
In case you would like to know more about Data Analysis offered by Duijnborgh Audit, please fill in our contact form contactform or get in contact directly with Vincent van der Velde on telephone number +31 30 630 1408.