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Organizational information about Duijnborgh Audit

Acrobat Reader Icon General Conditions Duijnborgh Audit b.v. (NL)
Acrobat Reader Icon Brochure Duijnborgh Audit b.v. (NL and EN)


White papers

Acrobat Reader Icon Nieuw: Whitepaper compulsory IT Audit hospitals (NL)
Acrobat Reader Icon Whitepaper Operational audit (NL)
Acrobat Reader Icon Whitepaper Course IT-audit fundamentals (NL)
Acrobat Reader Icon Whitepaper Quick scan IT-Continuity (NL)
Acrobat Reader Icon Whitepaper Health Check NEN7510 (NL)
Acrobat Reader Icon Whitepaper IT-auditing for local government (NL)



Acrobat Reader Icon Effects WTA on ICT accountant organizations (NL)
Acrobat Reader Icon The ICT Audit spagaat (NL)
Acrobat Reader Icon Article Second Live (computable (NL)



Acrobat Reader Icon NOREA Behavioral and professional rules (old) (NL)
Acrobat Reader Icon NOREA Code of Ethics for IT-auditors (new!) (NL)


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